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Michele has been a filmmaker and storyteller her entire life. She began shooting local news and public access TV shows in her hometown of Buffalo, New York. After moving to Los Angeles she carved out a career in commercial production, climbing up from PA to producing for some of the top commercial directors in the business, and then to writing, shooting and directing herself.


She is a gifted storyteller; creating engaging content for a transmedia world, leveraging her editing talent and gift for writing to fit each project’s needs, from large-scale campaigns to nimble, new media executions.


Michele’s shooting style is naturally intimate. As a student of human nature, she is skilled at getting real people to be emotionally vulnerable on camera, and equally adept at coaxing actors into a realistic performance. She is a self professed ‘people watcher’, studying the ways in which people interact and then painting those layers into her film characters. She believes that in just a sliver of time, something remarkable can be born.


Michele was named in Shoot Magazine’s 2013 New Directors Showcase for her ability to capture a moment in time and illuminate emotive work through striking visual narratives. Among them, her winning entry to the Levi’s “Show Us The Way” competition for up and coming filmmakers, a short film she directed and shot.


In 2016 she was awarded the Academy of Motion Picture Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for her screenplay “Talking About The Sky.” Michele is an active member of Free The Bid.