Jeffrey is an award-winning producer and director, based in Los Angeles.


He is a passionate filmmaker who’s directorial style combines powerful images with emotional storytelling and realistic performance unfolding throughout.  

Growing in Detroit he was shuffled between two very different worlds of performance, a local television station and carnival family members from France. Thanks to this early exposure, Jeffrey naturally crafted his skills for the art of effective storytelling. 

Before directing, Jeffrey worked behind the scenes of brands and images in advertising. He leaped the ranks of the advertising world in his early career years at top agencies worldwide and also won an award as a Creative Director.

Jeffrey has written and directed over a hundred national commercials and four short films.

His project 'Anniversario' played at the over 30 film festivals worldwide and won Best Director at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Best Dark Comedy at the Houston International Film Festival. 

The Austin Film Festival featured Jeffrey’s ‘Anniversario' on PBS’s 'On Story' along side Oscar nominee Frank Darabond. 

He has recently finished a documentary about an honest used car salesman in the Motor City - 'American Auto' now screening at film festivals worldwide.